Pathway Lighting

Our commercial solar lighting systems increase safety after dark, with easy, off-grid installation and no need for utility connection, making them a great option for commercial pathway and park lighting. We provide reliable solar lighting solutions ideal for:

  • Park pathway lights
  • City path or street lighting
  • Parking lot lighting
  • Trail lighting

Urban Solar offers two pathway lighting options: Ready Made Solar (RMS) overhead area lighting systems and Solar LED Lighting (SLL). Both systems are pole-mounted, automated and self-contained, and SLL is also available with bollard lighting systems.

System Options

The SLL Bollard Lighting Series is a low-profile pathway illumination option ideal for urban parks.
Learn More About the SLL Bollard Series

The RMS (Ready Made Solar) series is an all-in-one design perfect for park and area lighting.
Learn More About the RMS Series

Case Studies