Parking Lot Lighting

For parking lots, Urban Solar specializes in commercial lighting options that provide bright, reliable illumination solutions that increases safety and visibility for both drivers and pedestrians.

Our lighting systems’ easy installation process requires no trenching, resulting in a relatively low cost for implementation, especially in areas that are already paved or where environmental impact is a concern. Once installed, these systems operate without additional utility charges, and help public and private enterprises ensure the safety of those who use or pass through their parking lots after dark.

Area Lighting Systems: SLL Series

Urban Solar’s SLL (Solar LED Lighting) series is a complete pole-mounted system that provides ideal, reliable lighting for outdoor areas such as parking lots and sports fields.

Sized and placed to meet the requirements of each site, the SLL Series can be tailored to suit diverse environments, providing both increased safety and appealing architectural design.

Features & Benefits
  • Stand alone power; no trenching and no utility bills
  • Independently tested for safety, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed
  • Simple to install
  • Reliable, high performance LED lighting
  • ECM Connect™ Smart Controller with remote monitoring capabilities
  • Industry leading warranty
  • Solar arrays and battery banks are sized based on site conditions for reliable performance.
  • The SLL Series can power external bollard lights and other electrical loads in addition to overhead LED fixtures.
  • 160 to 480W solar array
  • 100-500 Ahrs 12V battery capacity
  • SLA Batteries with -40° to 176°F operating range
  • 5-50 ft-cd peak illumination level
  • Smart Controller with LED dimming/battery charging/data logging
  • Calendar based lighting event scheduling
  • Several luminaire options with any Type I,II,II,IV IES light distribution

Download the SLL Series Brochure

Descarga el Folleto Serie SLL (Spanish)