Pathway Lighting

Urban Solar provides solar lighting solutions for area lighting systems such as streets, parking lots, parks, playgrounds, trails and greenways.

For pathway lighting systems, Urban Solar offers two options: Ready Made Solar (RMS) overhead area lighting systems and Solar LED Lighting (SLL). SLL is also available with bollard lighting systems.

RMS Series Overhead Lighting Systems

Urban Solar’s RMS series is a complete pole-mounted system that provides bright, reliable lighting for pathways.

An excellent example of the RMS Series in action is the Layritz Park project. The District of Saanich was able to install lights at the park without impacting its natural environment with trenching or additional infrastructure. Now, park visitors are now able to safely access its sports facilities and pathways under aesthetically pleasing, efficient lighting.

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SLL Bollard Lighting Series

Urban Solar’s bollard lighting system is a low-profile pathway illumination option ideal for urban parks.

Installed in series, each bollard light draws energy from a single SLL Series system, allowing for flexible layouts.

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