RMS-F Series Shelter Lighting

Urban Solar’s RMS-F Series is a safe, powerful and reliable solar powered LED shelter lighting system, designed specificallyfor the transit industry.

The RMS-F Series is designed for barrel roof shelters with a relatively small radius of curvature.  The solar array is mounted on the shelter roof, while the batteries, controller (ECM), and LED lighting components are housed in a self-contained metal enclosure mounted to the ceiling of the shelter.

RMS-F shelter lighting systems mount easily to new or existing transit bus shelters, with various configurations tailored to meet a wide range of safety, branding, and performance needs.

Delivering safe and environmentally-friendly lighting through superior quality, reliability, and innovative designs, the RMS-F Series is the ideal solution for a variety of bus shelter lighting demands.

Download the F Series Brochure

Features & Benefits
  • Reduces rider pass-by; the number one complaint reported by most transit agencies
  • Deters crime
  • Stand alone solar power
  • No trenching, utility bills or utility involvement
  • Independently tested for safety, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed
  • Easy to install, designed for transit shelter applications
  • Reliable, high performance LED lighting
  • Custom designs available
  • Smart controller with remote monitoring options
  • Industry leading warranty
  • 30-120W solar options
  • 5-45 foot candle (ft-cd) illumination levels
  • Dusk to dawn lighting and dimming options available
  • Proactive Energy Control Module (ECM) with low voltage disconnect
  • Sealed lead acid batteries – A.G.M. technology
  • -40°F to 176°F operating range
  • 5-10 days battery autonomy


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