Bus Stop Lighting

Urban Solar provides reliable, UL-listed solar lighting solutions for both area lighting systems and transit bus stops and bus shelters. For transit lighting systems, Urban Solar offers the PV-Stop Series, a perfect choice to improve bus stop safety with consistent, bright illumination.

Transit Lighting Systems: PV-Stop

PV-Stop Series

Urban Solar’s PV-Stop is the world’s most powerful and reliable solar powered LED bus stop lighting system, specifically designed for the transit industry.

PV-Stop systems easily mount to new or existing bus stop flag poles, with various configurations tailored to meet your agency’s safety, branding, and performance needs.

Delivering safe and environmentally-friendly lighting through superior quality, reliability, and innovative designs, the PV-Stop Series is the ideal solution for your agency’s bus stop lighting demands.

Features & Benefits
  • Reduces rider pass-by; the number one complaint reported by most transit agencies
  • Deters crime
  • Stand alone solar power
  • No trenching, utility bills or utility involvement
  • Independently tested for safety, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed
  • Easy to install, designed for bus stop and/or pole mounted applications
  • Reliable, high performance LED lighting
  • Custom colors and decals available
  • Smart controller with remote monitoring options
  • Industry leading warranty
  • 5-10W solar options
  • On-demand or automatic lighting profiles
  • Integrates with any standard pole 1.75-2.75” OD
  • 1-10 foot candle (ft-cd) peak illumination
  • 6ft diameter illumination footprint
  • Proactive Energy Control Module (ECM) with low voltage disconnect
  • Sealed lead acid batteries – A.G.M. technology
  • 5°F to 122°F (-15 °C to 50°C) operating range
  • 3-5 days battery autonomy
Optional Features
  • Bright Up – Dusk to Dawn lantern for stop recognition and branding
  • Signal – Button activated bus driver notification

Download the PV-Stop Series Brochure

Urban solar commercial solar lighting and solar power systems are independently tested for safety by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Representative samples of this product have been evaluated by UL and meet applicable safety standards – as a single, complete operating system.