Purchasing Options


Reduce procurement and administration costs through two of our additional purchasing options.

Co-op purchasing program

Did you ever think about the advantages of cooperative (co-op) buying?

– Reduces procurement and administration costs
– Allows your government entity to lower costs and become more efficient through another government’s solar powered light shared use contract

What is co-operative purchasing exactly?

Co-op purchasing is when more than one government agency approaches the market together, co-operatively, or when a government agency accesses another agency’s existing contract or standing offer arrangement. This allows government entities to reduce the cost of buying by sharing administration costs and utilizing their combined economies of scale.

Urban Solar has a contract for government agencies wanting to take advantage of this savings.

GSA contracts

Urban Solar now offers its solar lighting solutions through GSA (General Service Administration) Schedule Contracts.

This GSA program allows agencies to purchasing commercial products and services in a streamlined way, while utilizing the buying power of the US government.

Contact our experts to learn more about each of the above options.