Frequently Asked Questions

Urban Solar offers a range of commercial solar lighting products with a variety of capabilities and applications, including ski resort pathwayspark and greenway lighting, and city bus shelters .

Below are some frequently asked questions along with answers from the experts on our business development team.

What wattage requirements can your products meet?

Our lighting products are capable of meeting a range of wattage requirements, depending on the application and solution selected. The highest wattage of an individual system is 480W.

Can your technologies charge a solar-powered bus?

Our solar-powered solutions for transit are specifically designed for bus shelters and stops. Powering vehicle of that size requires a significant amount of energy, and our technologies are currently optimized to power and charge illumination systems.

How long does it take for your lighting systems to charge?

Charging times can vary significantly depending on where a system is installed geographically, and even within a site, as its location and position are determinants in the amount and intensity of sunlight that it receives throughout the day.

The season also plays a role in charging. Although charging time is the same, the length of time that a charge may last will typically be shorter in the winter months, as the system has fewer daylight hours to charge than it does during the summer.

For examples of case studies in your region, please review the links below.

Northwest United StatesTrimet, Portland, Oregon and King County, Seattle, Washington and Magnolia Manor Park, Seattle, Washington

Southwestern United StatesPorterville Transit, Porterville, California and Irvine, Orange County, California

Western CanadaSun Peaks Resort, Sun Peaks, Canada

Southwestern CanadaLayritz Park, Saanich, British Columbia

Are your systems programmable?

Yes. We specialize in providing solutions that are customizable, and our recommendations take into account each project’s specific requirements.

Once your solution is installed, our smart ECM Connect™ system can be used to improve the overall performance of your lighting and increase your product’s lifespan.

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