Solar Bus Shelter Lighting

Urban Solar is a leader in solar bus shelter lighting, providing bright and reliable illumination that improves safety and visibility for transit shelters.

We work directly with city planners and transit authorities to create customized solar bus shelter lighting solutions that are right for their environment, then facilitate easy installations and offer ongoing support.

We offer three product lines designed specifically for bus shelters:

The RMS Shelter Lighting Series

Urban Solar’s RMS Series LED lighting systems are designed to be mounted on flat or peaked roof bus shelters. The solar array, batteries, and controller (ECM) are housed in a self-contained metal enclosure mounted on the roof of the shelter. Read More

The RMS-F Shelter Lighting Series

RMS-F shelter lighting systems mount easily to new or existing transit bus shelters, with various configurations tailored to meet a wide range of safety, branding, and performance needs. Read More

The RAD Shelter Series

The PV-Shelter RMS RAD Series is designed for radius roof shelters. The RAD Series can also be configured to provide additional lighting in the Ad-Panel of the bus shelter. Read More

Talk to us today to learn how our solar bus shelter lights can help make your transit amenities safer for riders.

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